“Jocelyn is a real estate agent par excellence. She knows how to price properties so that they move quickly without multiple price decreases. She knows the New Rochelle market inside out. We have used her to both sell an apartment and buy another one -hassle free. We have recommended Jocelyn to many friends, which I wouldn't do if she weren't the best!” - Joyce Wechsler

“Jocelyn is a thorough, professional broker who knows everybody and everything about real estate in New Rochelle. But more than that, she was a great advisor through the whole process as she has a keen understanding of the market, of people, and of the art of buying and selling. Also, her calm demeanor made what could've been a stressful process quite smooth. It was a pleasure working with her.” - Lori Amer

“Our experience with Jocelyn was a wonderful one.  She walked into our home and her first words were 'Let's not change too much since this home exudes family and love. Still, my mantra will be declutter'; and so we did.  She went the extra mile at every turn to help us sell our house - never losing faith that it would sell and we would be satisfied with the outcome.  She was so right! Not only did she help us sell our house, she also helped us find the right apartment for us to purchase. We walked into our new home and it had everything we were looking for at a price we could afford. Jocelyn was the best in every way!” - Sandy Gruenberg

“Jocelyn helped us sell our house in New Rochelle within days of it being listed on the Internet! She is amazingly knowledgeable and thorough. She held our hands through the entire process of selling one home and buying another. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her!” - Jackie Freidland

“After visiting a few homes and taking the time to understand what we were specifically looking for, Jocelyn could tell that our dream home wasn't on the market.  Jocelyn wasn't deterred however.  Instead, Jocelyn leveraged a pre-existing relationship she had with a couple and asked if the homeowners would be interested in selling their house to us, even though it wasn't even on the market!  Now, several years later, we recognize that, without Jocelyn, we never would have found the perfect home for our family.” - Jonathan Sokolowski